Palatki Pictographs* (Arizona)
by Gary A. David

*A pictograph is a style of rock art which is painted
as opposed to pecked or abraded.

Star pictograph
Star pictograph, Palatki Ruin, Verde Valley, Arizona

Located in Loy Canyon in the Sedona red rock country, Palatki must have been an incredibly gorgeous place to live. Inhabited from circa A.D. 1150 through 1300, Palatki, or “Red House,” was a two-story pueblo 120 feet long with at least seven ground floor rooms in a single row with a bow-shaped front wall built at the base of towering red cliffs. Not far from the ruin is located probably the largest group of pictographs in the Verde Valley. Spanning three thousand years of human habitation from the Archaic Period to historic times, this rock art arranged in a number of alcoves was executed in a variety of colors, including white (kaolin), red (hematite), black (charcoal) and occasionally yellow (limonite). The subjects include sun shields, a star chart showing the Milky Way, and a few tall, ghostly figures similar to those found in Utah’s Barrier Canyon.

A.D. 1054 supernova and crescent moon
with red "daggers" and crude modern graffiti.

Star Chart. On the upper right, red spirits tread the Milky Way.

Phallic, ghost-like figure above sun shield.


Vertical figure in the Barrier Canyon style.
Rock cleft portal on left faces summer solstice sunrise.
DNA strand with 24 pairs of chromosomes on right?
Or lunar count with crescent moon atop the axis?

Another helix, partial shield and humanoid to the right?


Red cross within a square superimposed upon a white star
Human with shield to the right?


Abstract designs in iron oxide, perhaps mixed with blood

White star, perhaps Venus

Water-eroded spiral or maze with shadow, zigzags to the right.
Photo taken on April 16th at midday.
Images face east, so this may be a summer solstice marker.

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