On the Road in The Orion Zone. Photo by Sunny Sun-Downer.

Radio Interviews

Listen to my November 14, 2012 Coast to Coast AM interview with George Noory. My interveiw stars at 38:50.

NOW PLAYING! December 9, 2012 — Gary A. David Paracast interview with Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien.

Listen to my December 2011 interview with Suzanne Toro here.

Sacred Space podcast: George Rideout, Manitoba, Canada, interviews Gary, February 11th, 2011.
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Co-host Christopher O’Brien joins Gene Steinberg to introduce independent researcher and author Gary A. David, author of “The Kivas of Heaven: Ancient Hopi Starlore,” who speaks on Indian legends, prophecies and the influence of the “star people” in Earthly life. Download The Paracast. NOW PLAYING! December 12, 2010 — Co-host Christopher O’Brien with Gary A. David

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations in Sweden interviews Gary in May 2008 about his new book Eye of the Phoenix. Also listen to a November, 2006 interview about The Orion Zone.
Both interviews.

Download the mp3 of the radiOrbit interview that Gary did with Mike Hagan on June 4th, 2007. Several minutes to download. Interviews starts about a third of the way into the clip.

If you are a subscriber to Dreamland, you can listen to William Henry's one-hour interview with Gary aired February 24th, 2007. You can also catch Whitley Strieber's one-hour interview with him.

Introduction to The Orion Zone narrated by Gary A. David, ambient space music by Jack Andrews, 06:30, 5.96 MB, mp3 format (high speed connection suggested)


"San Rock Art of South Africa," by Gary A. David.
This video features photos taken at the Wildebeest Roct Art Centre near Kimberley, South Africa,
taken during my research visit there in September of 2009.
Read more about South Africa in my new book The Kivas of Heaven.

Here is a segment from the show Ancient Aliens, "Closer Encounters" episode, which aired May 18th on the History Channel. This segment talks about Chaco Canyon and then briefly discusses the Arizona Orion correlaton theory put forth in my book The Orion Zone. (My material is about at the 7:20 mark.) See more about the series on http://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens.

Collage video of The Orion Zone.

  A brief description of "The Orion Zone," narrated by Gary David, produced by Jack Andrews--01:16

My friend Kymberlee Ruff on Coast to Coast AM, 2/1/12, discusses Hopi-Tibetan prophecy.

OM: Gayatri Mantra by T.L. Subash Chandira Bose, produced by Jack Andrews--06:20

Message from Mother Earth, video by Ken Thornton--02:43

See Ken Thornton's video "Speaking Stones" , showing petroglyphs from Utah, music by Jose Gonzales--03:16

"The Heavens"  
New Mexico is linked to the stars by the "observatories" of the ancient peoples at Chaco Canyon and Bandelier National Monument, and by the present day Very Large array near Socorro, as well as the National Solar Observatory at Cloudcroft. This program explores the overwhelming sense of awe humans have about the wonders of the heavens, from the earliest days to today. Orginally broadcast on New Mexico PBS station KNME.

"A Hopi Philosophical Statement, 1978" -- 26:17
Ceremonial leader George Nasoftie relates the Hopi ceremonial cycle
to agriculture and the sacred teaching--"To grow things is happiness."

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Explore the mysteries
of Orion in South Africa
with Rob Milne's DVD
The Lydenburg Stones.
Place of the Tree -
Concentric Circle Engravings of Southern Africa

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